Calendar Widget for AGOL

07-21-2016 09:18 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

AGOL currently has a filter widget from which a user can display features based on date ranges and there is a time slider that works somewhat similarly.  A calendar widget would be a dual display: calendar and map.  The features on the map would be linked to events on the calendar.  A user could select events on the calendar and the map would dynamically reflect the selection.  And vice versa.  This would be extremely useful for special events, road closures, street sweeping, trash collection and other applications that the public consumes from municipal organizations.


I like the idea. I could see it as a web app template or a configurable widget for WAB. +1


I'd like to be able to look at special events and the traffic they disrupt.  Being able to choose a date and time range from a calendar would be ideal.  I'd also like to be able to input the time slider increment and lock it so that using the forward and backward buttons or moving the slider would both jump in the same increments.  Right now the time slider bar is difficult to use when the time frame is very large and the increments are very small.


2 widgets would be awesome :

- a calendar view widget

- a time line view widget

with interactive link between calendar/timeline entity representation in the widget and the cartographic view.

sample : 

time line 

calendar : 


Cool idea... similar to a time slider but a different user interface.  Would be nice to be able to select date ranges via the calendar widget too.  This would be a neat feature to add to Operations Dashboard and WAB.


Would be helpful when scheduling survey crews - to define location and date/time. Time slider is fine for historical viewing but not practical for seeing availability or modifying attributes. Field crews are used to seeing calendars so seems like a calendar widget would provide a way to see from/to dates in a familiar format. Let the calendar adjust start/stop date/times per selected record(s).