BUG - Heat Map and Layer Order

01-29-2020 07:35 AM
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There appears to be a bug in ArcGIS online:

I have two shapefiles:  
1) point shapefile with numerical attribute

2) Some census tracts, with population

If I display Shape1 as points "Location (single symbol)" or "Counts and Amounts (size)" my order is fine. The shape appears above my Tracts. 

However, if I select to display as a Heat Map, it works, but the layer always appears in the wrong order. It appears beneath my Tracts, despite the fact that I have ordered my layers correctly. Changing the transparency of the Heat Map doesn't fix this.

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Hi Michael Rodriguez

If you believe you're running into a bug, please contact technical support to investigate.  If you'd like other opinions before contacting support, you could post this in the ArcGIS Online‌ space.  Please do not submit something you think is a bug to the ArcGIS Ideas site.  ArcGIS Ideas is a place where users can request new and/or improved functionality.  There are other channels that are better suited to address bugs.

Thank you!