ArcGIS Online - SDE Feature Service Editor Tracking

10-03-2014 07:41 AM
Status: Open
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When editing an SDE Feature Class (Versioned and Editor Tracking Enabled), which is published to ArcGIS Server as a Feature Service in AGOL for organizations, the edits are recorded as esri_anonymousm, not the user name of the editor. The user name of the editor is recorded when using Hosted Feature Service in AGOL.

I would like to see the same functionality where the username of the editor in AGOL is recorded into the SDE Feature Class when edited through AGOL (AGS Feature Service).

Please do this. So much of interagency collaboration requires this.

This issue has been a problem for our organization for some time. As more of our users are using mobile apps in the field this problem is growing


If Esri is going to make everyone have a username then that username should be pushed down to the geodatabase when editing through AGOL. This is a huge problem for us. Why have usernames if they are not going to show up in the database?


This is becoming a critical need for our mobile workflows


This is exactly what we need! And to Melanie's point and Ross's point especially for us - we need the user captured and in our database.


How is this STILL not a functionality? Matthew suggested it in 2014!

The current situation is extremely inefficient and becoming a larger problem everyday. 


This suggestion shows in multiple categories, and those scores should be cumulative! We use ArcServer SDE databases and published services. Edits occur from Collector iOS, AGOL from browsers, ArcMap Desktop, and directly on the server. In every case the user provides credentials, either to login to AGOL or to Windows. Only edits directly on the server record any useful information about who edited. All service-based edits show up as null or Anonymous_Internet. Workaround 1 - Field User must enter user name for every datapoint. A lot of pushback and wasted time -"Why should I enter my name on a touchpad in the field for every point - I'm already logged in?!"

Workaround 2. Create a user account for every fieldworker on the server, and password protect the service - This requires the field worker to provide credentials to access AGOL, and again when the map is used, and again everytime the device cover is closed...again, a lot of pushback. For now, we have a choice - no info about edits, or unhappy users.


Lack of good user-tracking is a serious draw-back to implementing a more professional ArcGIS online environment in our organisation. Our users need to know who created or edited a feature! Not just the generic server-credentials.


do you have your agol setup with sso to your on prim ad?