ArcGIS Online public map should not automaticaly publish the data to everyone(Public)

10-17-2013 02:24 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, publishing a map in arcgis online forces us to make underlying feature services (ie : a layer created from shapefile) also public. A public feature is automaticaly visible/usable by other users.

So "sharing a map" = "sharing underlaying features" = "rendering them available for any user of arc map (view / download)".

It's very bad for private / confidential layers ! Giving it to everyone (i.e. viewed in arc map and then downloaded / copied) is not acceptable.

Please allow us to render feature services public (in order to make the map public) without publishing them to all ESRI users : add an option to "block" the sharing.

PS : please excuse mispellings, i'm not native english speaker

Or, another option is to support tokens in AGO hosted services! This is a big issue for us. While we are ok with making a feature service publically available, we cannot do so if users will be able to extract the raw data in Desktop. 
Ideally hosted services should be a cloud server solution for users to publish/config security/consume as if it was on-premise server (except the data loading/updating part). Right now it is tied to AGO for Organization and its sharing/security model has limitations.
We have a imagery tile service that is limited by a legal agreement, which allows for public usage via online applications for viewing, however is not to be consumed by desktop enviornments from open services.  There needs to be additonal security settings that will limit feature services or tile services to viewable, but not consumable.   I understand that the core functionality of cloud environment is to foster sharing but, there has to be a way for the cloud sercurities to recognize the environment that is consuming the REST.  
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