ArcGIS Online Content list - increase default "Items per page" from 20 to at least 100

04-06-2022 10:57 AM
Status: Open
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When viewing the Content list in ArcGIS Online, the default number of "Items per page" is only 20. If one is doing repeated work on many layers, this limit is annoying and adds substantial time overhead. For example, if I am working with 70 layers, which I want displayed alphabetically, I must select "100" from the "Items per page" drop-down list, and then sort alphabetically. This is no big deal for occasional use, but when I'm doing this hundreds of times a day, it's a huge drag. Speaking as a web designer in the age of high-speed internet, there is no reason to so drastically limit the number of items displayed because loading time isn't an issue. 20 years ago we had to limit listings because of load time, but no longer. Quick fix: make the default at least 100 items. Better fix: give users the ability to save a preference for a) number of items listed and b) alphabetical or modification date sort, etc.


A settings page for all these preferences would be a great addition


I am working with Enterprise Portal and I have the same request. Thank you, @RobPeters , for posting this! @KenBuja you have a great idea there, too.


This would be a really useful feature and save a lot of time.