Allow overwrite ofa hosted feature service by all members of group with update capability enabled

05-09-2016 01:29 AM
Status: Open
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When a group is created in AGOL with the option to enable update of all items shared with the group by all group members, this update capability should include the ability to overwrite feature layers shared with the group. Currently, it is only possible for the item owner or those with administrative privileges to overwrite the feature layer.

by Anonymous User

Thank you for your idea, I have a few more questions to help understand the big picture and the use case for this request:

- What is the end goal for your project?

- What does the data that would need to be overwritten by multiple people represent?

- How often are you overwriting?

- What is it about the workflow that requires the item to be overwritten as opposed to edited and updated in the current state? 

- Other admins can overwrite data, would it be possible to make the people who need to overwrite the data administrators?


fyi...We have logged an enhancement request for this functionality:

ENH-000107856 : Provide support for all ArcGIS Online organization members who have access and update capability for a hosted feature layer/service to be able to overwrite the item.


This would be an ideal implementation for us. At my organization we have 3 environments, (Dev, Test, Prod). The Analyst can be given admin access in Dev, so that no issue to us . 


Our production services however are revised and only published by our admin, in order to keep our test and prod environments the same the analyst are only given user/publisher roles in test as well. 


but even in the test environment we would like the publishers to publish as they may want to play around with settings and other configurations  and we would not want the admin to publish to every single time. The workaround is to grant the analyst temp ownership of the item but even then is really annoying 


I up-voted this and I agree with it, and would like the functionality to also be available in ArcGIS Portal.  Our workflow is that we have services that are published from ArcGIS Pro for organizational maps that are updated and maintained by everyone on our team.  We would like the ability for one member of the team to publish a new Web Layer (Map Image Layer/Service), that will be going into a web map and/or app, and then share it with a group, with overwrite permissions, so that when changes are needed, any other member of our team would be able to make the updates in ArcGIS Pro, and then overwrite that web layer from Pro.


this function is necessary for co-working! also for portal for arcgis!


I agree and support this also.

We're like @JacksonTrappett  above..., we have a team who manages our services and apps but rely on one main administrator to oversee and administer our AGOL & Portal sites, plus, we assign ownership of all our authoritative apps, services, data etc to a user that represents the City clearly, i.e. 'CityofEscondido'. We believe that this reflects authenticity and authority best - would you believe the data is more correct if the data was from 'CityofEscondido' or if it was from 'Abe_CityofEscondido'?

Alternatively, improved relationships could be added to AGO & Portal, so it clearly reflects that 'Abe_CityofEscondido' works with the City of Escondido, for the GIS Department and that this dataset/service/app has been approved/authorized by the 'CityofEscondido'. This would address some of the issues and provide additional statements of authority and help the visitor understand the authority structure and level of this application etc.


This is also sorely needed by our organization. We have several business areas where multiple users maintain a single dataset and use an overwrite workflow to update the data. It is extremely inconvenient to have to:

  1. Remove the item from Shared Update Group
  2. Assign the item to a new owner
  3. Overwrite the item
  4. Reassign to the original owner
  5. Re-share to the Shared Update Group

Please make this happen Esri!