Allow option for non-administrators to share content publicly

11-22-2016 10:31 AM
Status: Open
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At the City of Austin, our ArcGIS Online organization has about 700 users.  Because of its large size, we've created a Department Admin role to help manage and share content.  As it stands, in order for the Department Admins to share their users' content, they must first take control of the content, share it, and then re-assign content back to the user.  This is very time consuming and inconvenient for Department Admins with many users.  It can also make Department Admins uneasy, as they're constantly having to move data from the original owners to themselves and back.

We would like to suggest that a privilege for "Share Items" be added under  "Administrative Privileges | Content".  When enabled, this would allow the sharing of content owned by other users.


Thank you for creating this idea.  I would like to add my vote to this and include a link to my comment on this other idea page   My exact scenario and suggestions in that comment might be a little different that what you are picturing, but I think the desired flexibility is the same.  The idea on that page has been "implemented" but my suggestion in the comments is not part of it.

TI have had several conversations (and still communicating) with KGerrow-esristaff‌ re: needing a customizable role between the Admin role and the Publisher role....something similar to a "Division Lead".  To Summarize: We do not want everyone to be able to push things to public, without some internal division/department review.  But giving the division leads full admin rights is also not desirable.  Being able to start with a copy of the admin role and removing the "site" administration, while allowing them to override the sites "only admins can make public" would better suit many agencies I would think.

BTW - if you do want everyone to make things public, you can already uncheck that restriction.


I'm glad to see this idea already exists. @KellyGerrow, has anything happened since 2016? We have a very similar situation to the two above.

We have teams who are set up to work collaboratively on content within shared-update groups. However, we don't want all users to be able to publish publicly - we'd like to have a custom designated "Group Publisher" who can make content public once it has been reviewed and okayed. Right now, only an Administrator has the privilege to update sharing settings, and we'd rather not give Admin rights to all Group Publishers.

To echo above, we would like to suggest that a privilege for "Update Sharing Settings" be added under  Administrative Privileges > Content.  I tried enabling "Update (Allow member to update and categorize content within your organization)" on a custom Publisher role, but this didn't allow me to update sharing settings.