Allow members with privilege to reassign ownership to also create new folders in destination member's My Content

10-05-2017 12:20 PM
Status: Open
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We have a custom role defined that provides the member the admin privilege to reassign ownership of content.  The following error is a barrier to reassigning ownership, especially when there is a lot of content to reassign that is arranged in folders in the source member's content.  Ideally it would be nice to have the option to move change ownership of the entire folder:

Could this be logged as an enhancement request please: if privilege allows member to reassign content, the privilege should also allow the member to create new folders in the destination member’s My Content.


I definitely agree, we need this too!

We have a custom Member Manager role that can create accounts and transfer content, but not otherwise change the Organization (delete all content, change security settings, share content as public, etc.).

Not being able to create new folders in member accounts is a significant limitation when transferring content from someone who has left the organization, to someone new. For example, you can't keep Survey123 forms organized in folders as they were originally created.

I really wish Esri would start supporting ArcGIS Online for use in large organizations. After all these years it is still missing the member management and content publishing workflows for use in organizations where it is more than a one-person show. For example, and similar to this, only a full admin can share another account's content as public.



We really need this ability too.  We can't adequately manage and adjust data without it when someone leaves the organization or takes a new position.  Our custom Admin role used to allow us to create folders in other user's Content, but no longer.  Many of our data/user management scripts are no longer able to assist us.  We can create accounts and transfer content, but without the ability to create folders the content just gets plopped into existing folders, if any exist, and the items get jumbled and confused.