Allow for reporting on Open Data downloads

10-18-2017 02:12 PM
Status: Open
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I would like the ability to report on how many times each of my items is actually downloaded from Open Data within given time frame, in a merged report that includes all Open Data items so I can make comparisons or see trends.   This would allow me to provide metrics to my management and to the programs in our agency that share their data via the Open Data site.

the AGOL Usage statistics for feature layers (views) and Hosted feature services (requests) are not useful for this endeavor because they only tell us when someone is looking at the data; and furthermore, there is no way to report on those statistics all together in one report either.


I totally agree.  We have the same request from our management. This is a major flaw compared to other products (OpendataSoft for example)


I too am looking for such a feature.  Right now our public is using a different website to download GIS data.  Every quarter I have to go to each shapefile to manually count each time it has been downloaded.  If Open Data Hub can provide a report similar to what @NinaRihn has requested, I can publish our Open Data Hub for the public and finally get rid of our outdated web site.