Allow Arcade expressions in Map Viewer 'Feature display order'

05-16-2022 09:04 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

In the (new) Map Viewer we can use the 'Feature display order' property to control the order in which features are drawn on the map. But, one can only use Numeric or Date type fields in the expression.  Given that limitation, i'd like to be able to use Arcade expressions when setting feature display order to convert text fields to a number.  This functionality is already available in the JS API (>=v4.21)

One specific example is with our Crash data set. The 'Crash Severity Code' is a text string so we cannot use that field that set the drawing order. Unfortunately that is the ideal field to use - we would want to always show crashes that resulted in a fatality on top.

We could add a new field to dataset which handles that for us, but that's an unnecessary (in my mind) duplication of data and effort - every time a new record is added or an existing record is updated the calculation process has to run again.