AGOL Support for Layered Cartographic Symbology

07-10-2020 07:17 AM
Status: Open
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In our enterprise GIS data we extensively utilize layered cartographic symbology to differentiate line types within a feature.  Unfortunately, when uploading the features to AGOL to publish the map, we receive a warning that the "layer's symbol will be downgraded".  The resulting published map only utilizes simple symbology and the various line types are not differentiable. 

It is my understanding that not all browsers can support layered symbology, therefore, only simple symbology is utilized in AGOL Maps.  It would be great if AGOL could support layered symbology or had some type of comparable line representation within its supported symbology. 

AGOL - Downgraded Symbology

Internally our users utilize Explorer, Collector and are testing Field Maps which all these apps support and display the layered symbology despite the symbol downgrade.  However, our published web maps that are available to the general public and external users, cannot render the data as needed.

Sample of desired symbology

We have looked in to generating map tiles for our data, however, this data is updated daily and regenerating 35+ square miles of tiles is just not reasonable.  The last run for such maps took over three days to generate at all the needed scales.  Also, the data is not selectable, therefore one cannot view the feature data within the maps.

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I desperately need this as well. ESRI, please!