AGOL Groups setup

02-23-2016 11:36 AM
Status: Open
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When creating/editting a group I would like there to be a setting for designating which content type (i.e. All Results, Maps, Layers, Scenes, Apps, etc.) is defaulted to when group members go to the groups page.  For example, I have groups where the majority of the members are only interested in viewing the Apps in that group and not all the additional content (such as Layers or Maps) that must also be shared with the group in order for said Apps to function properly. It would nice if I could edit the group's setting so that when a user navigated to that group it defaulted to Apps under 'Group Content' rather than All Results (see below).
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This is very needed!  It would also be great to add the ability to create/limit views in an ArcGIS Online group by role of the group members.  The problem is, not all members of the group need to see every item, some just need to see the web app they have been instructed to edit.  While others will want to see the data to build other maps/apps.  Having the ability to limit the default, or enhance permissions of what users see, will be very beneficial to the end users.