AGOL - Acknowledge option for subscription expiring.

06-20-2019 09:32 PM
Status: Open
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Every time I log into AGOL for the next two weeks I am going to be bombarded by the notice that our subscription is expiring.  It would be great if there was an option to acknowledge this and then get no further reminders.


Couldn't agree more. ArcGIS Pro at least gives you the option to not receive the warning messages.  Even better would be giving the Org Admin the right to turn it off.....


Absolutely needed, this is happening right now for our ArcGIS Online organization but the Esri approach of spamming ALL our users with "Subscription Expiring" popup notices every time they sign is a ridiculous notification approach, at most it should be just Admin user types that are notified (and we also get emails about this, so is ArcGIS Online notification needed at all?).  Our government procurement process sometimes encounters unanticipated delays even though we always pay and have been a long time (~25 years+) customer.  Please add an ArcGIS Online admin setting to disable expiration notice messages to users or find another solution, thanks.


Hi All,

This is Chris from Esri Technical Support.

I have logged an Enhancement request regarding this issue. ENH-000154651.