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Additional Folders/ Sub-Folders in My Content

06-20-2013 06:21 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Allow the users to create sub-folders of more than just one level in "My Content"


I'd love to have an update on this, considering it's been around since 2013. Is it in a product plan yet?

by Anonymous User

The update is that Esri added categories/subcategories to content, however it would be still nice if we could have option to create folders/subfolders within AGO.


Not sure there is a roadmap for this, but they did talk a lot about ArcGIS Hub and Enterprise Sites during the UC, as the ultimate way to organize content and pages within your organization.


We are just starting to use ArcGIS online, this within in a pilot Project handling just one Project/subsite in our ArcGIS online. The lack of folders in folders is placed in the very top of concerns we have in the process of landing a go for the platform. We are very concerned that the content will rapidly turn into chaos reagarding content and management of it, this even for us being a rather moderatly sized organisation.

Very interested to see where on any road map this is placed, or, if  not, seing a reject on the proposal. 


Please please, this is such a useful function that should have been added from the beginning.


I'll chime in and say that while the "Categories" tag/filter in ArcGIS Online and Portal work fine when viewing items from a browser, they do not show up in the Catalog view of either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. We are mainly trying to move our large library of GIS files we have on our network drive folder structure into Enterprise in a way that keeps them organized and easy to find from the Catalog view in the software.

by Anonymous User

This is heavily needed at all user levels.  The most basic example is an administrator who does work with multiple departments has to choose between having one content folder for each department's Items (Which results in (a)  relying on Item names to organize everything [grrr... longer Item names to describe both the project and resource], (b) endless pages to thumb through to find anything) OR putting projects into lots and lots of folders with longer names to group folders into their respective departments.... grrr...

This is daily reality.


Following on from from the UC2020 session 'ArcGIS Online: Q&A with the Product Team'. This idea has been 'Reviewed'. Is there a plan to enable this at some stage? Thanks.  Kelly GerrowSentha Sivabalan


This is certainly a very frequently requested item and especially where new items are being created by repeated workflows - each for a specific Project.

The ability to nest new folders (using new names) repeatedly would be extremely valuable.

Categorisation is good and allows for useful search & filter (across folder structures)

but not what we need.

@KellyGerrow  anything new to add from roadmap perspective?


And.. I just took a look and found that in regard to Joe Byant's post back in April 2019 about use of Categories in Pro

Yes, when searching in the Catalog view, you can filter by Categories and it presents a hierarchical view if this has been established in your AGOL / Portal Organisation