Adding a row to an attached table in ArcGIS Online

01-30-2019 04:02 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

In ArcGIS Online, you can create an attached table. You can add columns to this table and update the entries in the table however you cannot add a row to the table. The map can be opened in Collector and then another row can be added to the attached table. There is currently no way to create another row in ArcGIS Online for an attached table. 

Field staff use Collector to record data. Occasionally management needs to add data to an attached table. In order to do this, management, who are already on ArcGIS Online, need to use a mobile device and the Collector app to add another row. Having some functionality in the table (ideally) or in the popup that would allow users in ArcGIS Online to add rows to attached tables would be great. 


This would streamline our workflow considerably. Our alternatives for adding to a standalone table now is...

  1. Having an excel table in OneDrive that has to be updated, then somebody has to manually update the item in AGOL. Requires two processes.
  2. The other alternate is to have users update an excel document that updates a sql server table through SSIS. The table is published through Server as a feature service.
  3. Have users inform somebody who uses ArcGIS desktop to add a record to the table. They are not GIS users and would have no other need to use desktop software other than to add new records to a standalone table. Not cost effective.

It would be considerably easier to have users insert new records in the AGOL table directly! 


We need this functionality for standalone tables. The workarounds of opening Pro or uploading a whole new table are too time consuming and convoluted for this simple task.


now you can add new row in standalone or attached table using ArcGIS Experience just use Edit Widget and let the widget read from your table , the you can edit your table easily.