Add capability to user choice for Datum Transformation in AGOL/Portal

04-21-2017 01:04 AM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor

Users depend on default transformation in AGOL when adding a feature service in different coordinate system than the basemap is.

This could lead to a problem with shifted data when this default date transformation is not the best. It would be great if the user could choose a date transformation in Map Viewer, or for an item of Feature service or Map as it is in ArcMap - Data Frame options.

Reasons for this are:

1) When publishing a hosted FS from zipped SHP in JTSK - hosted FS is published as Web Mercator, but user is not able to choose the best transformation, so the default (NGA) is used, which leads to shift about 10 meters which lead to Data quality deterioration.

2) Also the default transformation, regardless which is used as default, should not be the best for the current area of interest - for example of JTSK - WGS-84, sometimes the best is _1 but sometimes _3 is the best.

This problem arises with the bug - BUG-000104622, when AGOL is omitting the Datum Transformation which was set in MXD when publishing hosted service from ArcMap.

Thank you for consideration.