Add a ‘Select’ action to Ops Dashboard maps and lists to update other widgets, not just ‘Filter’

05-16-2019 09:59 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

When a feature is clicked-on in a map, it should be possible to have that feature shown as selected in Lists, and not just to filter Lists to show fewer records as is currently the case. The same is true when selecting from lists – selecting in one list should be able to set which feature is selected in another. And the select action in any widget should also change which feature is shown in the Details widget, and in the case of Embedded Content, the feature being displayed or edited as a Survey123 form.


Use Case: We often have two or more lists in a dashboard that are filtered to show subsets of the data shown on a map, based on status. For example, tabs that list “overdue”, “new” or “all” features. At present, you can only apply filters. But if you do that, and have one feature selected in one list and another in a different list, the filtered widget ends up showing nothing.


Another option would be to clear a widget’s selection when it gets hidden by moving to another tab, but I think the select action would be more useful.