Arc GIS Online Geoinquiries

10-16-2015 11:09 PM

Arc GIS Online Geoinquiries

On Thursday, in my 6th-grade Earth Science class, I introduced the young ones to the lesson on topography and our national heritage.

The students accessed the site fairly quickly.  I had the students work in pairs.  One student had the map open and the other had the screen with the questions open.  I realized that the answers were displayed.  Oh well that didn't hurt for this first round.  There was so much enthusiasm.  One student did some exploring on his own.  He came to show me what he had found.  A world map, which he compared to an earlier map that I started the kids out with for a short lesson on using latitude and longitude, using explorer usgs, but this (esri) map was better.  He is going to become a mapmaker.

The kids liked the pop up windows.  They love to share what they find!  I told them that they would be putting their own pictures on a map, and they would be map makers.  Wow!  They got so excited.  And so did I.  I love middle school kids!  ArcGIS Online is a treasure.


Thanks for sharing this great experience!


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Thank you for your feedback.

I reconnected with Allison at the T3G social by the pool at the Esri conference.  Her lightning talk was inspiring.  I especially liked the experience shared by the biology teacher...moving from paper maps to GIS to plot polio.

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