Accessing storage size of AGOL Feature Services vs. attachments

08-17-2021 11:33 AM
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I'm building a dashboard to try to monitor credit usage on AGOL based on this blog post:

But there seems to be an issue with the calculation of feature service credit usage; the results are way overestimating the credit consumption (as compared to the standard reporting available in AGOL). I've traced the problem to the fact that the calculation only uses the total size of the feature service including attachments, but credit consumption is calculated independently for the feature service (at 2.4 credits/10MB/month) and the attachments (1.2 credits/1GB/month).

My question is how can I access the feature service size? It must be possible given that the feature service and attachment storage sizes are reported independently on the feature service's item info page.

I don't see anything in the ArcGIS API for Python documentation, nor the REST API documentation. The only path forward I see is summing the size of all attachments for each feature service and subtracting that from the total size of the feature service. That feels... suboptimal.


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I've also come across this issue after setting up a dashboard using the blog post Luke highlights above. The post is very helpful but ultimately the dashboard created has limited use if the credit usage is being skewed by the inclusion of attachment sizes in the size field.

Feature Storage size is included as a separate column in the item reports you can generate in AGOL so can this be accessed through the python API? 

@CalvinKwon @ as the author of the original article are you able to assist here? Any help would be much appreciated as it's a fantastic tool you've put together and would be very useful for our organisation.



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