Short route for multiple vehicles at the same time

12-28-2016 04:26 PM
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Hello, please help me.

I have two terminal (a or b)  around 8 km of distance, the connection between this two terminals is built by one network of several roads,  each terminal has several points of departures and arrivals. I need to know the short routes single for the different vehicles (more of 100,000 ) that traveling at a different second of the day, where each vehicle will have one point of departure and point of arriving at the terminal a or b, this points must not be differents to other. Several routes and points have more one condition or restriction.

This scenario to creates transit flow congestion on the network roads. A point (departure or arrive) will support different vehicles, and different roads must support different travels, whereby, for to find efficiency I must keep in mind the availability of all points and flow congestion on the roads in function of time and length of roads for to calculate the better path for each trip and allocations of vehicles by points. The points (departure or arrive) is separate from each other more of 500 meters.

The differents applications of the extension Network Analyst has not allowed me making this analysis.

How can I make it?

Thanks by you help me.

Att.: Petter Milian.

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