ready to use services_ create service area

04-09-2015 08:09 PM
New Contributor

I have the home edition of arcmap. I have activated licences on desktop and my online account. I have navigated to ready to use services>logistics> world> generate service area.  I am having issues loading facilities. All of the info I can find has to do with using the regular network analyst toolbar in desktop.  The points I created were shapefiles which i converted to feature class and placed into a feature data set  and they do not have any location attributes just objectID, shape , and ID. Do I need to add xy data? create network data set? address locator ? I have tried most of these but unsure if I am doing it in the correct order or if it is needed at all. It was my understaning that the ready to use services would be using the arc gis online base maps as the network.. Thanks for any help

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