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04-21-2011 06:00 AM
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Hello All,

Kind of new to Network Analyst. how or where do I get my turn table do I create it myself or this is build in somewhere within the Arcmap?
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The Turn Feature Class toolset  contains tools used to build and edit turn data. The tools in the toolset allow  you to create new turn feature classes, convert existing ArcView or ArcInfo  Workstation turn tables to turn feature classes, and maintain the integrity of  existing turn features based on their geometry or an alternate ID field in cases  when the reference source features are updated.

Overview of Turn Feature Class toolset

The Network Analyst tutorial  exercises are a good starting point for learning ArcGIS Network Analyst. They  provide data, steps, and conceptual information on how to accomplish specific  goals, such as building network datasets and performing various network  analyses.

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