How to make the route colours (in VRP) individual?

03-13-2012 12:14 PM
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            I am a student learning ArcMap 10. I am done with my VRP problem, and I have a question:
  How can one make the finalized route colours (in VRP) individual? (they all appear with the same colour)
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You can...

  1. Double-click the Routes sublayer of the VRP layer in the table of contents.

  2. Click Symbology tab.

  3. Click Categories under Show.

  4. For Value Field choose Name.

  5. Click the Add All Values button.

  6. In the table, click the field header Symbol and choose Properties for All Symbols and set the common properties for your routes, such as width.

  7. Click OK to close the Symbol Selector dialog box.

  8. Back in the Symbology tab of the Layer Properties dialog box, click each route and choose a color.

Often times with the VRP solver, users solve different problems for the same vehicle fleet, so the routes/vehicles are constant. You may want to store the symbology you just created for the routes layer then apply it to future VRP layers.

  • To save as a layer file, right-click the Routes layer in the TOC and choose Save As Layer File.

  • To apply the symbology use the Apply Symbology from Layer geoprocessing tool.

I hope this helps.
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