how to create no double backs where the same path is travelled twice?

05-31-2013 05:37 AM
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Good morning.

I try to create an efficient route by using network analyst. The route passes through teens points. I still face a problem. Some points are passed through twice. There are some double backs where the same path is travelled twice.
I need technical advice for this. I do appreciate feedback of this.

Thank you.
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What options are you using on the route solver? Are you using "reorder stops to find optimal"
The double back can happen when a stop may be on a dead end road or when the curb approach property is not set or other things like time windows. You can minimize this by setting the U-turns at Junctions property to only at dead ends.

Most likely you do not have curb approach set properly. So ask this question, do you need to visit the locations from any side? or Do you need to set it right-side only? If yes, then change the stops property to right-side OR you can set it No U-turn. Read more here:

Jay Sandhu
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Well, thank you. I have done.
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