Facility locations problems (supply points with supply capacities)

05-28-2013 03:44 PM
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Thank you for ur time.
My problem has an around 80,000 supply (sources, can supply tons of material) points and 200 possible plant locations (facilities). Each supply point can supply a fixed amount of material (tons of materials) to the possible facilities (plants). I want to find the best 10 possible locations of plants to minimize the total transportation cost. Here transportation cost will be distance x tons of materials supplied to the plant.

I believe the facility location model select the possible location towards the sources having large number of tons of supply materials.

Does the location-allocation module in ArcGIS 10.1 model this problem?
How to input the individual capacity of the sources into the location-allocation module in arcgis10.1.

Your insightful thought is appreciated.

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You can map the candidate facility locations capacity to the capacity field when load the locations into a location-allocation layer. The "supply values" at the 80000 supply locations should be mapped as demand,  and then choose the Maximized capacitated Coverage as the type of analysis and solve for 10 facilities. Read more here:


Jay Sandhu
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