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Integrate SiteScan and ArcGIS Mission

07-15-2021 03:36 PM
Status: In Product Plan
New Contributor II

I would love to see a complete end to end solution with the integration between SiteScan and ArcGIS Mission. The ability to utilize realtime drone location and video streaming into ArcGIS Mission would create a enhanced Common Operating Picture.

The key functions required are listed below

  1. Display realtime Drone locations on ArcGIS Mission
  2. Display realtime Geo-referenced Drone Video or Photos in ArcGIS Mission
  3. The ability for ArcGIS Mission users to request drone dispatching to specific points (stationary or orbiting)
  4. The ability to add captured products directly to ArcGIS Mission from SiteScan
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Nick great suggestion and happy you are thinking this way as a focused end-to-end solution for command and control and situational awareness is our vision. We are working on a server solution for media such as video integration and our work is dependent on this being completed, so hopefully 2022 we can begin to bring these and more related features to life in mission.


Any update on this? We would use that tool as well.