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09-10-2020 05:03 PM
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I am using the Nearby configurable app to map point data published from a Google sheet. I want the user to be able to search the points within the app by multiple fields. However, when I go to set up what layers to search by, the point layer published from Google is not an option (See images. The layer I want is "pub"). 

Is the Nearby app configured to be searchable from a published .csv? I am assuming not since the layer is not an option. Has anyone else had this same issue or know a work around?

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Hi Kristin,

The search configuration widget within the Nearby app's configuration panel only supports feature layers. One approach is to take your .csv file and publish the data as a hosted feature layer. From there, you can add your hosted feature layer to the map and configure the feature layer search source within the search configuration. 

Here's a great blog article on how to publish your data as a hosted feature layer: Turn Raw Data into a Feature Layer 

I hope this helps!