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08-01-2020 12:21 PM
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With the addition of Group Layers to a number of the web apps using Javascript Version 4x, I've been obliged to migrate from my original Basic Viewer to the Map Styler app, which I believe to be the closest to emulate its original functionality. Adding a logo to the header bar was relatively straight forward in the Basic Viewer, but don't see how to do this in the Map Styler. Thoughts?

All the headers and tools were also much more compactly laid out in the Basic Viewer, whereas the Map Styler breaks things up over several places (now need 2 clicks to show the layers, whereas before only needed 1). Is there any relatively easy way to recreate that functionality? Are there demos/tutorials showing how to configure?


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Hi Mathieu - I am wondering if you ever resolved the logo in header question. I am now trying to sort out this same question myself. 

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Short of downloading the codebase from GitHub and then applying whatever extra customisations/extensions I wanted, Map Styler did not have all the same functionality right out of the box that the Basic Viewer did for instance. In the end I cut my losses with those specific configurable apps and simply went with the more functionality offered by the core Web AppBuilder, even though it was not built with Javascript Version 4x (so did not support the new Group Layers functionality, but did permit layer filtering as a compromise). My hope is that given time (not too distant future), more of these functionalities will get supported. 

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Thanks so much for the reply Allan! Looks like it's time for me to bone up on my JS.

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