Web Adaptors for Insights Installation

09-12-2018 12:30 PM
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Per documentation, Insights for ArcGIS required base ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment with web adaptors installed for portal & server . 

Required base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

I don’t have web adaptor for the federated server as it's not required for the federation per documentation, but to install Insights, I will need to install the web adaptor for the federated server.  I have services published to the hosted server.

ESRI doesn’t recommend to unfederated the server.  I would like to know if I’m able to install web adapter for the federated server and use ArcGIS Online assistant to rename the services published to the hosted server?  Any recommendation how I should proceed in this case?

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Hello Pei-San,

You can install and register the web adaptor for the federated server. You will be able to update the federated server URL from the 

https://portalWebadaptorURL/webadpatorname/sharing/rest > log in > home > portals > self > scroll all the way to the bottom > servers > click on the ID > update server > Update the "URL" with the web adaptor URL. 

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