to view different selections of related data

09-08-2020 03:45 PM
New Contributor

I have a geometry layer of cycleways for a local government district in ArcPro. They are related to 3 different data tables: Assets Information (each section with an AssetID, one to many) , cycle path names (short portions each with PathID, one to many) and Cycle route (longer through routes with a RouteID, many to many).

I want to be able to create (online) maps where only the cycle routes are displayed, or only the cycle paths, or only those which are an Asset. The cycle routes comprise many cycle paths as they are often routes that go through the whole district. 

I can display the whole geometry layer and through pop ups can selsect & display the relevant data for each section. That is OK. however not really great for public use.

Is there an easy way to manage this or do I have to create separate feature classes for the 3 different views I want?

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