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The OpenDataSite don´t show all results

05-18-2016 09:39 AM
Esri Contributor

Hello all, help me please.

Our open data site --- >

Issue :

1) When i search for Censo tag , the site only return  in the display 4 results of 10. The other six elements  exists in the same AGOL group that the other features.


When i try search any feature (e.g. : Censo orinoquia )  of the 6 hidden in the above screenshot. The search return the results  but doesn´t show the description or downloads options.


Thank you in advance,

ArcGIS Open DataArcGIS Open Data communityAndrew Stauffer​@

Katheryn Zulay Peraza | Specialist Data Engineer.

Esri Colombia

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Interesting.  When I first looked at the results I was able to see all 10.  But when I refreshed (i.e. change my screen size to full) I only saw the 4 you mentioned.     When going to the next page for 11-20 I see 10.

I used one of your other tags "Gobierno" and was able to see 10 on the first page.  Searched on "Censo" again, and only 4 or the 1-10 showed.  I'm sure you are getting the same issues, but thought I would test and verify as an outsider.  I am using Firefox 45.0.1.     I can't test this on our site since we don't currently have more than 10 items.

It's strange that it happens for that tag, and not the other.

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I have this issue with the Censos and Servicios Publicos tags

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Katheryn,

There is a bug in the API, we have logged this issue.



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Thank you Andrew Stauffer​. So i attentive to the solve for this bug.



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Are the datasets themselves shared with everyone on ArcGIS Online?  Not just the groups.

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Yes Jennifer all items are shared with everyone and the Open Data group. : Open Data Group

If you search Censo Región Andina Sur 2005 in  --> you could find it

but if you search Censo Region Orinoquia 2005 in  --> you could find it but the result doesn´t show the description or downloads options (white display)

All this layers belong to Censos tag , if you search this tag the site don´t show all results.

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I try a lot things  but don´t work.  I inspection (F12) the website and look the console code  and the messages make me think the open data site are look some features id of the AGOL content differents to the true feature id in the AGOL content

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