No External File Geodatabase download option with the new update

05-26-2021 10:20 AM
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The Hub update has removed the download option for File Geodatabases from external sources. We include a digital transfer link in the metadata of our hundreds of feature layers which allow users to download a file geodatabase along with our organization’s disclaimer. This is one of our most in demand download options in our Open Data Portal.

With this new update,the file geodatabase download option is no longer available since all our feature layers are hosted on ArcGIS Enterprise. It looks like the only way to have the ability to download a file geodatabase is to have the feature layers hosted within ArcGIS Online, then individually access each items’ settings to enable the download option. This would be a Herculean endeavor for organizations with large amounts of data.  

Is there a way to have our file geodatabase download option back?

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Hello @RonnieBlanco1 

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your FGDB downloads. We are looking into this issue now and you should not need to relocate your content. Do you happen to have an example URL of content shared to your Hub site where this is a problem?

Please note that the FGDB option is only available when the “Export Data” setting is enabled under settings on the item details page. These docs describe this process. Can you please check to make sure that this setting is enabled?

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@RonnieBlanco1to clarify, are you referring to an external link that used to exist at the downloads drop down, or do you mean a download option titled FGDB? The former is achieved by adding a distribution in the Metadata editor for an item in the ArcGIS Online Home application.

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