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08-25-2020 06:31 AM
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We are using ArcGIS Hub Premium to manage various community projects. To give certain community users access to relevant content, we have been creating groups which contain the content. Logging in to ArcGIS Online with an organisational account that has permission to manage whichever group, I am only able to invite community users by specifying their exact community user username in the search box (using the Invite Users button). Is there a way to select from the larger list of community users / do a bulk selection rather than manually looking up and entering each individual username one by one?

Secondly, when a community user is invited to a group, it does not show those pending in the Members tab so that we can see who is still to accept their group invite. Is there a way of viewing this, or something we need to suggest as an enhancement request? 

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Try using a supporting team for this in the Teams area of your Hub Site. If your user has the  `Assign users` administrative user privilege then this also applies to your community users (even though you're logged in on your employee org). 

The Hub will "push" the user into the group w/o invite with those user privileges. 

Also it's worth noting when you visit a Hub Site or Pages, can't see it (private), and also have pending group invites the Hub will prompt the user to "Accept All Invites". If you can find a way to feature your web GIS content on the Hub Site or Page then the user experience is pretty streamlined. 

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Excellent, thank you. A much better workflow.

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