Embeded video settings and navbar overlay

02-04-2021 06:40 AM
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Hi all, I'm exploring Sites at the moment, especially the header.

I'm sorry to post multiple questions into one thread, but it's a part of the same thing.

I have an Iframe, where I've embedded a youtube video. It could be hosted somewhere else, so it don't need to be youtube.

First of all I want it to autoplay and loop. By reading through the forum, I can see that it's not best practice. However I would like to do it anyway. In the forum I see it as resolved, in another thread, but Geonet keep me going in circles on this one.

The second thing I need, is to have the video behind the navbars. So the navbar is as white box overlaying the video.

So the Navbar is maybe width: 80% centered on top of the video, and it needs to follow along on scroll

Is this possible?

This is where I am right now:





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