Displaying Operations Dashboards on HUB Sites/pages

09-24-2018 12:09 PM
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Is there a way to add/share a secure dashboard on sites or pages? I have have started to develop some sites and pages for my office. I noticed when I added a gallery and indicated for it to display applications: my web applications I developed on portal were displayed, but my operations dashboard from portal did not appear. I am trying to develop sites and pages that are one-stop-shops for people who are not power GIS users. I am using a Tag to pull the applications in, and have verified that the operations dashboards also have the same tag.

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Hi Casey,

You cannot display Operations Dashboards through the Gallery Card today.  However, we have it on our backlog and hope to implement the enhancement in the next few weeks.

We'll announce the release on our changelog and I'll set a reminder to reply here when it is released.


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Awesome, that sounds great. 


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Hi Brian,

It's been a while since you posted this... Is there any news or updates on this feature?


Expected time frames?

My organisation uses hubs for its open data site. It's frustrating that our dashboards are inaccessible in a card/gallery view to say the least.



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Hello Everyone,

Apologies, this reminder fell through on me. I’m happy to report we’ve added a lot of enhancements to the Gallery Card over 2019 and early 2020. You’ll find the Gallery Card now has two display modes…Dynamic and Manual. Dynamic is what you are used to, and Manual allows you to individually select content to display.

In either mode a dedicated option to select “Dashboards” is provided!