Date Filter in New Explorer Doesn't Allow Manual Input

05-27-2021 12:54 PM
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Hello, the manual input feature for filtering by dates is not working as expected. The date reads as epoch time when you click on the date. If I attempt to type in the date, it will default back to 12/31/1969 or another. The slider works fine but it will be easier for users to input their own date of interest. The example dataset in images are 311 City Service Requests in 2021 using RESOLUTIONDATE attribute. We store dates in UTM in our DB and usually within services publish in Eastern Standard. Some data we do not set time zone like Basic Business License but am also seeing the same behavior when filtering LICENSE_ISSUE_DATE. Will you check on this and provide recommendation, please?

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Thanks for the feedback Alex! The manual dates do accept regular date input (e.g. 4/12/2021) but I agree seeing the values change from mm/dd/yyyy to UTM suggests otherwise. We are planning on surfacing the human readable date in the filters as well as legends soon. We'll work on a fix and let you know when it's out.

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