GeoPlanner recently updated

03-12-2015 10:52 PM
Occasional Contributor

A few weeks back, we updated GeoPlanner for ArcGIS. You may have noticed that some elements of your GeoPlanner projects look a little different. The dashboards have a new look. There's a weighted overlay service browser tool. You can even import feature layers into GeoPlanner scenarios. If you haven't checked out our product page, here's a brief what's new list:

  • Dashboards that you can save and share with others
  • Maximize a dashboard so you can see many KPIs at once
  • Support for more ArcGIS Online analysis tools
  • Import features into a scenario so you can start your designs and plans from existing conditions
  • Perform suitability modeling against different weighted overlay services.

There's actually quite a bit more. Head over to our product page to see the rest.

We're also working hard to make it easy for you to setup your own weighted overlay services and use them for suitability modeling in GeoPlanner. Soon, we'll push out new documentation and tools that describe the process.

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