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02-18-2016 06:25 PM
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I have 27000 points and I want to create a single GeoFence, but keeping their (points) identities/attributes intact. My main objective is identify if an item/marker is in that GeoFence and also return which points inside the GeoFence are closer to that item/marker. RJ Sunderman


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Sardar -

Please take a look at the following threads:

What you are asking for GeoEvent will not do.  The only way to load a single GeoFence representing an aggregate of several Geometries into GeoEvent would be to create a convex hull (or envelope) around the points and import that polygon Geometry as a GeoFence. You cannot maintain the identities of several different Geometries as part of a single GeoFence.

Every GeoFence must have a single Geometry which can be assigned to a category. Within a category every GeoFence must have a unique identifier / name.

I cannot think of a way, using GeoEvent, to determine the “closest” GeoFence to a Geometry associated with a received event. The event’s Geometry either does or does not have a spatial relationship with a GeoFence (e.g. intersects the GeoFence’s Geomtery).

- RJ

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