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Unable to create new inspections in related inspection table

07-28-2023 12:27 PM
New Contributor

I have published an editable point layer with a related inspection table. I am able to see the existing inspections in the related table when I click on a point in field maps. However I am unable to "add" a new record to the related table. I have migrated these layers over from another ESRI account where I used to have the ability to add new inspections to each point via field maps. Now I am unable to add new inspections. I have ensured that all fields are editable. Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks

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New Contributor III
maybe the relationship class with Global Id's and GUIDs in the table is not migrated right? for Field Maps you need these types of ID'S I think.
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Make sure in layer settings you have Editing > Add enabled. Sometimes it defaults to disabled when moving items around

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