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05-28-2019 08:02 AM
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In ArcGIS online there is currently the option 'to use in Collector for ArcGIS'. For us a beautiful solution to let maps temporarily disappear or hide for some groups or users. In the screenshot below you see the option. But we have also a group of users that uses the Explorer for ArcGIS application. In this situation several Webmaps are irrelevant for them and i've a great need for the possibility to hide the Webmaps for them. My question or idee is very simple. Just introduce and implement an extra row with an checkbox to hide webmaps in de Explorer app.

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This is important for our organization also. We have nearly 200 webmaps that are either public or shared with the organization. Most are designed for use within a specific application interface, and some of the org webmaps exist only for demonstration and template purposes. These along with many of our 600+ group-level webmaps also not intended for use in Explorer make it difficult to find those that are designed for use in Explorer. The current situation is confusing and inefficient for users and can result in data being used inappropriately.

What we really need is a better method of making webmaps and layers available only to the interface for which they are intended (rate limiting is not a viable solution given that passwords expire). Turning off access to Explorer doesn't prevent misuse in Web Viewer, but it would certain make Explorer much more useful for our members and the public.