Enable use of Rasters in Custom Projections in Explorer MMPKs

10-22-2020 10:11 AM
Status: Open
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I just closed a case with an ESRI analyst; we determined that while raster datasets are supported in MMPKs, the entire MMPK and raster must be in the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere projection for the raster to display. This interrupts our workflows because the raster datasets must be packaged into TPKs to be served in a custom projection MMPK, and this can be a time-consuming task. Additionally, TPKs do not allow for a legend to appear in Explorer. Our workaround for the legend is to include a layer with one feature the size of the map extent, and add a JPEG attachment with a legend. It is a cumbersome and unintuitive experience for the end user. 

Is displaying raster data in custom projections within MMPKs, with a legend on the roadmap for future releases?

Thank you


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