How do I fully localize AGX 2500

11-02-2013 02:32 PM
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Hey All,

I'm trying to get AGX to fully run off a USB stick.  I have a custom configuration that uses custom built addins and my own default map. So far I can get the custom configuration to load by running E3.exe with the appropriate /AppConfig switch, but I still have two issues:

1) I can't seem to get it to load my default map (TCGSAR.nmf)
2) When e3.exe runs, it puts a whole bunch of files into $User$\AppData\Local\ESRI\ArcGIS Explorer (i.e. the default windows 7 path for user data)

How do I give AGX a specific (relative) user data path and have it load a specific .nmf file on startup?  Remember that AGX is not actually installed on the computer, so I can't just click on the .nmf file.  Is there something in the settings1500.xml file that I can change?

Speaking of which, can any of you helpful ESRI engineers tell me the structure of the settings1500.xml file and what all the possible options are for it?

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