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12-16-2010 09:48 AM
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I have convinced my company to purchase an ArcView license.  However, I am a bit disappointed with the basemaps that are provided through ArcGIS Online.  My boss uses DeLorme XMap which provides a very nice looking built-in topographic basemap which includes an underlying DEM.  I am an ESRI user but I have to admit the built-in basemaps that come with DeLorme look much better than anything I have found available through ArcGIS Online.

Is ESRI going to improve the basemap offerings through ArcGIS Online?  Im tired of my boss saying that my basemaps dont look as good as his, and he is right.  ArcGIS is such a superior product in every other way so what am I missing here?  I have not made the ArcView purchase yet so please tell me if something better comes with the purchase than what is offered for free on ArcGIS online.

Also, DeLorme includes a built-in underlying DEM which allows for 3D viewing and easy display of elevation.  Does version 10 of ArcMap include something like this or do I have to load in my own DEMs, buy 3D Analyst, or use the more limited ArcGIS Explorer to view 3D?

Any input appreciated.
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