AGX equivelent in Runtime .NET?

05-11-2015 05:18 PM
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I have been using ArcGIS Explorer Desktop as my development platform for a Search & Rescue application I have developed over the last year. I chose to use AGX's SDK because AGX already provided so much of the capbilities I was looking for, I didn't feel like recreating the wheel. However, I get the sense that the future for map viewers is with Runtime, and I like the possibilities of supporting other platforms, which is simply not possible with AGX.

Once again, however, I feel like there is no point in recreating the wheel. I know that many of the samples provided by ESRI in the runtime SDK sketch out many of the features that are in AGX. I'm curious if anyone has built a Runtime app that uses only the Basic license that essentially mirrors AGX in terms of functionality and perhaps even interface (to whatever degree is possible).

If it hasn't been done already, what would be the interest in having this done?



P.S. Cross-posted in the Runtime .NET dev group as well.

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I don't know of any, but if you find one please post it back here. I have done some development on AGX for our organization and would consider using another tool if it was licensed similar to AGX.

We rely on AGX, but it seems these days that the only product ESRI is pushing is ArcGIS Online.

I am eagerly awaiting the newest version of AGX which I am told is due out any day now.



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John, I agree with you about the lack of focus on AGX. I know that Mark Bockenhauer​ and so on have been putting work into the new version of AGX, but I also suspect that the amount of time they are allowed to/can commit to the platform is limited, since first priority will be Runtime. I certainly don't blame him and the others for that, nor even ESRI. There is only so much you can invest into a product that you give away for free.

I find it interesting that there has been no response to my question, because I would estimate that at least 80-90% of the functionality of AGX could be quite quickly (relatively speaking) reproduced in Runtime such that it could be offered under a free Basic license. Mark Bockenhauer could you perhaps comment on this? Is my estimation accurate and is this something that ESRI may have looked at in the past?

The impression I get from Runtime is that there are going to be many many different applications created by users that will all do essentially the same thing, but because there is no well known place to share those Basic license apps, there are going to be countless organizations reinventing the wheel. Seems somewhat pointless....


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I am interested in this discussion, as I too am concerned that we won't have AGX around for much longer. Just wanted to express that. I'd be interested in a possible Runtime, but don't know enough about that. I'll be researching it, but if any one has a good url for more info, thanks in advance.

And my vote of thanks, too, to Mark, he seems at least somewhat responsive to the AGX community without visible support from ESRI.

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