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Bas community and support

07-31-2023 12:04 PM
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I have created a question week ago here and on stack overflow. I got ZERO replay and ZERO comments. I am wondering how any software on the earth in 2023 can survive like this. The only reason such products survives is lack of competition. 

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esri - Filter table from multiple widgets action in ArcGIS Experience Builder - Stack Overflow

perhaps elaborate on what you have tried or

have you contacted Tech Support with the issues in your attempts at implementation

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This is a user community. Most users, including Esri staff, volunteer their time here. Most are looking to help and create a positive environment and engage others in the community.

Some advice:

For your original post, consider why people aren't engaging with it. Could you rephrase your issue? Add screenshots? Provide a sample map? If you have no responses you could:

  • Add a reply, to bump it, over creating a new, unnecessary post
  • Tag MVPs or Esri staff who are common in the user group 
  • Rephrase your issue, add screenshots, or more information about what you've tried as part of your reply.

I feel like this addresses your new questions in this post. I will add a comment to try and help your original question on that post:

Happy mapping.