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Support Field Formatting in Table Widget (Including Date/Time Formatting)

10-31-2022 03:39 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The Attributes displayed in the Table Widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder should support the Field Formatting configuration that has been made on the respective layers in the Web Map. Field Formatting is essential for Pop-up configuration, and we want to keep the information that is displayed in a table consistent with the pop-up.

There are two particular Field Formatting scenarios that are particularly important to our users:

  • Date/Time Formatting - it is essential that we can hide the Time for Date/Time fields in the table widget. We have workflows where only the date is necessary, and so the time is irrelevant. Also when editing, the time user input should not be displayed. Only the date should be visible, and only the calendar when editing.
  • Numeric Field Decimals - Often we round the Numeric values to 2 Decimal places. In the Table widget, the attribute displayed still shows all of the significant digits.



We've been having the same issue where we just want to display the date and not the time.


I would love to see this improvement as well! I would like to be able to round the numeric values showing in an ExB table as can be done in other ESRI apps. 


This would be a really beneficial improvement!


Move to XB they's the way forward they said.

And yet it lacks key functionality. sigh


I know that you can access table field formatting in Dashboards using Arcade, so it would be nice to see the same in ExB where you could get access to the underlying display code so that you could display only the date, or round to the nearest digit, or even remove the comma delimiter. 


This would be a great update to have. My organization has had to create a new text field and convert the information from the date field into the text field in order to have the dates show without the time, but that makes it so that you can't order the field by date, which is another issue. 


I also have the need to display only date, not date and time, in the table widget. Even though the source web map has "Show time" toggled off, every date in the table widget has 12:00 AM unnecessarily added after it.  Please implement the ability to get rid of the 12:00 AM.