Experience Builder widgets to support URL parameters

08-29-2021 04:41 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great if Experience Builder widgets could support URL parameters. 

In particular we have a use case where we are using Experience Builder to present operational work planned for the next financial year, and it would be great if we could use links to show the sheet referring to the works plan of specific areas, within our intranet.

We also have an Experience with a table embedded within a Dashboard, and it would be great if we could use the Dashboard filter functionality to change the table sheet based on a category selector etc. 




YES. Exp Builder needs URL Parameters for BASIC web map functionality such as providing a custom link to:

  • the map with a layer turned ON (or off)
  • the map zoomed to a specify extent (via extent, center, level parameters)
  • the map zoomed to a specific bookmark
  • the map zoomed to a specific feature (selected w/pop-up)



We also require this functionality. Ideally filtering a map layer on page load. Frustratingly this functionality is possible in Operations Dashboard but not any other application. 


Would love to see URL parameters for zooming to and selecting a specific feature with popup or no popup.  With no popup, but feature selected, highlighted, and zoomed to is important for use case of using experience builder to create a report.  A popup dialog box does not look good on a report.    


Just started using the Share widget in Web AppBuilder (WAB) to obtain direct links to specific map areas and layer visibilities. Also, we have been using URL parameters to link external apps to our map via a common ID for awhile now. Both work great in WAB!

This functionality should definitely be added to Experience Builder, as we would really like to utilize the new web map layer grouping functionality that is offered there. Unfortunately the layer grouping does not work in WAB, so we are trapped between two apps each containing separate pieces of the critical functionality puzzle.


+1 on this idea.



So unbelievably disappointed in Experience Builder lacking critical functionality. passing URL Parameters to the find tool is how Soooo many outside applications interact with our GIS. Now that Esri had finally released a 'Draw' and 'Print' widgets, maybe they can get their act together on some of these other BASIC functions. 

Will have to deal with using a dashboard like an application until this is fixed. 


At the 2022 UC, I talked to several Esri staff, filed an enhancement request, and communicated with the Experience Builder Product Manager. They mentioned that "Support URL parameters has become an increasingly asked feature, which is under the consideration of the development". Hopefully this means we'll see better URL parameter functionality soon!


would be good to be able to apply a filter from a URL parameter also

so like open map and filter for a specific job all as part of the url, similar to the webapp


I have had to make a WAB application JUST to accommodate this lack of basic functionality. 

It's mindblowing why this isn't a part of the near-term roadmap! Honestly what are we missing? Are we just troglodytes asking for ancient functionality? We use SmartSheets and I want every searchable feature in that application to link to MY COOL NEW ExB Application. Right now that's a WAB. Is there a better way? I'm open to suggestions. 



@MicahWilliamson That's an interesting thought... I wonder if you could embed your WAB into ExB?