Docking Popup should be put at Front

12-02-2021 09:32 AM
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I have placed a Widget holder on the right side of my map that contains Layer List and Legend.  When a Popup is docked, it goes behind the Widget holder, and I can't access it.  The Popup needs to be placed in front of everything else.  

Here is my site that I'm building (Social Equity)

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What kind of widget is the "Widget holder" that you have the Map Layers and Legend widgets in?


Actually it's called Widget Controller in ExB.  I have since found where I can change the map itself to not be in Stretch mode, and just moved it to be to the left of the Widget Controller.


I am unable to find a way to display anything other than buttons to open other widgets in side the Widget Controller.

It may not be what quite what you want, but you can insert widgets inside the Map widget.  I have not done it before now other than by accident.  You cannot insert layout widgets inside the Map widget though.  And it takes some playing around with style settings to get 2 widgets side by side to stick to each other, but the pop-up is on top:




I had something like that, but my two widgets were inside the Widget Controller, which made it easy to line up the two inside.  I had the Widget Controller inside the map widget.  But my popup shows up behind...