Docker Images for Experience Builder Developer Edition

01-17-2022 09:12 AM
Status: Open
MVP Esteemed Contributor

I would love to see a Docker image for EB someday. I know EB already has a lot going on just adding and improving widgets, but I think it would be very helpful to have an image handy, similar to the one Esri set up for the ArcGIS Python API Notebook.

EB isn't the only thing I use when I'm doing coding and development. Containerization has been incredibly useful in keeping my environments separate, as not all of them will use the same versions of node, postgres, python, etc.

Could I create my own node container and then install EB on it? Sure I could. But I still think it's a nice idea to have the image already set up so that I can pull it to any machine quickly and easily.

I could even envision a situation in which having multiple docker-compose files for different environments would be useful. Maybe for keeping different EB versions handy, or for maintaining separate EB environments for different registered portals.

Heck, if I could map the /server/public/apps directory to a different local path, it would make migrating to new versions of EB that much simpler, too.

version: '3.4'


    image: esridocker/experience-builder
      PORTAL_URL: some-url
      CLIENT_ID: some-id
      - ./ebdata:/home/eb:rw
    - 3001:3001
    - 3000:3000

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