Will the feature classes also restore if we restore a backup of an entire database into a new database?

02-21-2017 04:45 AM
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I am having a Oracle database which has the geodatabase capability and has some raster data in it. 

I am moving my database to a new server where I would need all the data from the old database. So I am taking a backup of the entire database and will restore it back in the new server. Here I am wondering whether the raster data from the old database also will restore along with table data or not if I restore the database in the new server. 

Any help regarding the steps to be taken while taking backup and restore will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, if you take a full database backup then everything inside the database will be backed up and restored on the new database as it is.

Oracle provides you the option to backup and restore only objects that you need, however if you need everything, Full backup should be what you would want.